To avoid which possibility, he lied in the their relationship to her, telling people who he was the woman brother

To avoid which possibility, he lied in the their relationship to her, telling people who he was the woman brother

Jewish matriarch. Term differences: Rebecca; Rebecah. Born within the Mesopotamia; hidden from inside the Hebron; d’s nephew; ; children: several sons, Esau and you can Jacob.

Rebekah was created and you can increased within the Mesopotamia around the eighteenth millennium bce. The woman father try Bethuel, an excellent nephew of the Jewish patriarch Abraham, and you can she got one or more sis, Laban (the father away from Rachel and you may Leah ). Beyond one, most of the woman every day life is a secret up until the girl opportunity appointment with Abraham’s slave from the really external the lady town. Abraham’s nearest and dearest dwelled in the house out-of Canaan, however, the guy desired their 40-year-dated guy Isaac to help you ia, very the guy delivered his slave to carry home a girlfriend having Isaac. Accompanied by 10 camels laden with wedding presents regarding gold, gold, and okay clothing, brand new slave averted in the a proper beyond your city of Nahor. There, he expected Goodness for a sign of tomorrow fiance: your chose one would be she whom besides agreed supply your a drink in addition to volunteered to liquid their biggercity opinii camels.

With respect to the Bible, Rebekah, who was “very reasonable to appear on” (Gen. ), contacted the latest better which have good pitcher on her shoulder to draw liquid. In the event that slave asked for a glass or two, she easily assented and you can available to liquids his camels too, thereby satisfying the indication you to she is actually the main one. When she got finished watering the fresh new camels, new slave offered their a nose ring and two silver bracelets, and questioned to stay together household members. On family regarding Rebekah’s dad, brand new slave in depth his objective including God’s disclosure so you can your that Rebekah is actually the fresh chose bride to be. The brand new fits searched instance fortuitous given the fact that not merely are Rebekah out-of Abraham’s homeland, however, she has also been the newest effective patriarch’s higher-niece. Her nearest and dearest wanted to the marriage, and you will Rebekah leftover towards slave the following day.

Rebekah (fl. to 18th c. BCE)

Abreast of their arrival in Canaan, Isaac and you can Rebekah had been ine in the area, the couple briefly gone to live in Philistine territory inside the Western Canaan, perhaps only about 20 miles in the Mediterranean and beyond. Rebekah’s beauty was such that Isaac worried people you’ll destroy your to help you wed this lady. A comparable condition had occurred years before that have Isaac’s moms and dads, Abraham and you will Sarah , once they had transferred to the location. As was actually possible together with his father, the latest e to white. New Philistine queen, Abimelech, located its genuine dating, however, secure the couple off harm from the ordering you to definitely no one is molest them into discomfort regarding demise. It lived-in you to definitely home for a time, until Isaac’s actually-expanding wide range posed a threat towards Philistines, and pressed your to go on Valley regarding Gerar.

No matter if Isaac enjoyed Rebekah really, the woman infertility to have two decades averted her or him of that have youngsters. This is a very grave situation, definition since it failed to only that Isaac had no heir so you’re able to his vast money, but that God’s guarantee so you’re able to Abraham he create expose a great country

courtesy his family unit members line couldn’t end up being met. But not, after sixty-year-old Isaac pleaded that have Jesus to have children, their prayer is answered. Seem to sense an emotional maternity, Rebekah consulted a keen oracle and that shared with her: “A few nations have been in the uterus, two peoples heading their own ways from birth. You to is more powerful than additional; the fresh elderly is slave into the more youthful” (Gen. ). She put twin males Esau and you will Jacob; Esau, the fresh new firstborn, was red-colored and furry, and Jacob came to be clutching during the their brother’s heel. Brand new competition within males increased towards favoritism shown from the the moms and dads. Isaac best Esau, just who cherished bing search and you can outdoor lifestyle, whenever you are Rebekah recommended Jacob, who had been silent and you may shrewd, much like she by herself. Into the Isaac’s later years, Rebekah effectively plotted to help you fool their blind spouse into offering his true blessing in order to Jacob in the place of Esau, when he got created. In Biblical times, which service indicated clan frontrunners, and could never be terminated. To save Jacob from Esau’s payback after that ruse, Rebekah confident Isaac to deliver Jacob northern to search for a great partner from within the fresh new circle regarding her very own nearest and dearest.


There isn’t any checklist you to Rebekah ever noticed her kid again, as he failed to come back to Canaan until once the girl passing. She is hidden in a beneficial tomb on the Cave within Machpelah, where Abraham and you will Sarah together with was basically tucked.